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Tape-In and Keratin Bond Hair Extensions Hair Extension Salon and Training Academy, Cardiff

Ania’s Hair Salon – Keratin Bond and Tape-In Hair Extensions
Our trained technicians are trained to fit keratin bond and tape-in hair extensions. Whether you want to change your look completely, or add some subtle enhancements, we have the expertise to give you the look you want. We only use the best hair extension brands in the UK.

Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

Keratin bond extensions work by attaching to your natural hair with a droplet of keratin protein. They have the following benefits:
• Adds volume and length
• Avoids harsh chemicals, preventing damage to your hair.
• Easy to apply and maintain
• Lasts up to 4 months with proper care

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-In extensions attach to your hair with an adhesive tape that is gentle on the hair. It’s a heat-free method that lasts for 1-2 months. When applied correctly by a hair extension technician, you can work out, swim or shower and they will stay in.
• Styling versatility
• Durable and long lasting
• Easy to apply and maintain
• Easy to take out

Appointments are now available to book at our salon hair extensions shop in Cardiff. For bookings and enquiries, contact us today.

Ania’s Hair Extensions Training Academy
With over a decade of experience, we are on a mission to make quality training more accessible than ever. With a passion for transforming looks through beautiful hair, our hair extension technician courses are suitable for anyone looking to learn how to fit, style, place, cut, and finish luscious hair extensions.

While we normally also provide training at our Cardiff salon and hair extension shop, we are currently focusing on our hair extensions courses available from anywhere in the UK to adhere to the Covid-19 rules.

Anias Hair Salon, 209 Cowbridge Road East Canton, Cardiff

Our courses include:

• Full kit
• Health and Safety Manual
• Industry Recognised Certificate
• Training Manuals Guaranteed insurance cover Ongoing help & support.

Why choose

Ania’s Training Academy

Intensive hair extensions courses with industry recognised qualifications.

All our hair extensions courses in Cardiff are taught by our fully qualified hair stylists with over 10 years’ experience of fitting and styling different kinds of extensions. With longstanding expertise in styling, colouring and cutting, our professional stylists and technicians will show you how to blend the hair perfectly. Our training courses are easy to follow and will give you all the skills necessary to deliver a salon style look every time. Our Cardiff-based business is committed to provide quality training and help you become a hair extension expert too!

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Hair Extension Training Academy

Hair Extensions Training Cardiff

At Ania’s Hair Extensions & Training Academy, eveyrone’s welcome. Whether you have worked in the hair industry before or are looking to start a business fitting hair extensions – we’d love to help you reach your goals. Our hair extensions courses allow you to learn how to fit hair extensions perfectly. Our range of CPD certified programmes allow you to learn different methods from Micro Rings, Tape In Extensions, Nano Rings, and Fusion Bonds. When enrolling on our Hair Extensions Course 4, you’ll learn all four methods for one best value package price!

When you purchase any of our online hair extension courses, we provide you with all the equipment you need, including our professional hair extension kits to aid in your learning, and depending on what extension kit you select you can also receive a training head and heat connector! Our courses take up to 150 hours to complete and there is no time limit so you can study at your own pace and upon completion of any hair extension course, you’ll receive a CPD Certificate.

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About courses

Whether you're new to Hair Extensions, or have previous experience we can train and support you to specialise in the application of hair extensions to a high quality standard.


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